I empower those battling chronic conditions to reduce inflammation, shed unwanted weight, ease pain, and reclaim vibrant health and fulfilled life.

Dr. Samone Zarabi

I empower those battling chronic conditions to reduce inflammation, shed unwanted weight, ease pain, and reclaim vibrant health and fulfilled life.

Dr. Samone Zarabi

Areas of Expertise

  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach: Health & Wellness Coaching Academy

  • Certified Functional Imagery Coach for Behavior Change: Accredited certification by the International Coaching Federation

  • Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate: eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

  • Certified Life Coach: The Life Coach School

  • Master of International Affairs (MIA): School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University (New York, USA)

  • Medical Doctor: Clinical Pathologist

Dr. Zarabi supports people globally in Greek, Swedish, Farsi, and English.

Dr. Samone Zarabi has found her calling in guiding individuals suffering from chronic conditions, particularly those battling with weight-related issues, on their journey to reclaiming health and vitality. Her rich medical background, combined with the insights gained through the Holistic Evaluation and Lifestyle (HEAL) approach, has equipped her with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of chronic diseases. Recognizing the intricate link between body weight and various health conditions including type 2 diabetes , cardiovascular, liver, and musculoskeletal disorders, certain types of cancer, depression, anxiety, and autoimmune diseases, Dr. Zarabi is committed to helping her clients transition from the dis-ease of weight to a state of ease, thereby reducing inflammation, minimizing pain, and regaining energy. Based on the scenic coasts of Long Island, NY, USA, she is fervently dedicated to empowering her clients to reshape their lives and embrace an existence brimming with health and vigor.

My Story

My journey was born from adversity, nurtured amidst a landscape marked by the omnipresent specter of chronic illnesses. Conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, hyperlipidemia, and obesity were the shadows of my childhood, spurring me to delve into the medical world. I aspired to be the ray of hope that could puncture these shadows, bring about healing to those around me. However, as I journeyed deeper into the intricacies of medicine, an unsettling pattern emerged.

As my medical knowledge expanded and my interactions with patients multiplied, I found myself staring at a paradox. Despite our profound understanding of health as physicians, and our undying desire to impart wellness, our abilities seemed to curiously fall short. The world around me continued its descent into the abyss of ill health. This powerlessness was amplified when I, in my early 20s, waged my personal battle against cancer.

Rising from the ashes of this debilitating disease, I pledged to shield my health, to mine every nugget of knowledge that could serve as my armor against future ailments. This quest led me down a path of relentless learning, as I sought every strategy, every tool that could bolster my physical defenses. Yet, amidst my crusade for physical wellness, a hollow feeling persisted, manifesting as recurrent bouts of shingles.

It was then that my journey veered towards a revelation - the notion of holistic health. I discovered that the realm of health extended beyond the physical body, into the mental, emotional, and spiritual territories. Suddenly, it felt as though I had gained fluency in a new dialect, one that could guide me in healing those battling chronic diseases.

Embracing this comprehensive perspective, I started with my own tribe, assisting my husband to overcome the harrowing symptoms of subclinical lupus. Witnessing his transformation, from being gripped by painful Raynaud's phenomenon, rashes, arthritis, rigidity, and pain to regaining his vitality in a matter of weeks was a heartening confirmation of my holistic approach.

Now, I stand at the threshold, ready to share the transformative power of the Holistic Evaluation and Lifestyle (HEAL) approach with you. I am here to journey with you, helping you maneuver the complex labyrinth of chronic illness, guiding you towards a state of well-being that spans the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. The road may not always be smooth, but together, armed with the right approach, we can redefine your health narrative. Let's commence this journey of transformation, hand in hand.

Bouncing Back with a BangStarter Kit Includes

  • Paralyzing Anxiety Impact quiz

Find out if you have an urgent paralysis or a manageable anxiety!

Mastermind Video

Learn 3 simple steps to regain control, elevate performance, and embrace a healthier life & begin your transformative journey today!

  • 7 Day Healthy Habit Tracker

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Dr. Samone took me when I was at my lowest levels of self-esteem. I didn’t even know how I ended up here. Now, I can think about what is possible for me, and this is how it all started! I connect with my children and can walk them through their feelings and thoughts. I’m so much closer to my own mother. My relationships are so much better. I enjoy life! I love life! I am free!

Dr. Samone opened my eyes to a life that I didn’t know I could have. I’m very blessed to have found her.

Sara. R

My life has transformed from emptiness to productive, happy and whole.

I was so traumatized by the recent events in my life that I didn't feel like doing anything other than what my job required.

This is not the case anymore. I'm out and about, dating again. I picked up dancing and singing again. My problems seem so manageable with these tools and knowing that Samone responds when I need her is very comforting. I was reborn into a better version of myself! Thank you!

Kelly. S

Before I worked with Samone, I was stuck and unhappy with my life. I suffered from imposter syndrome and procrastination. I could not finish my PhD and defend my thesis even though I had all my experiments and the results waiting to take shape into a manuscript. Samone walked me through my fears and I realized I didn’t really have any issues. I was afraid of adulthood and what would happen if I left the comfort of the university and my program and my mentors. Once I realized that she had me imagining my future as a 30- something still living on less than minimum wage and still needing others to guide me. I was not too fond of that picture. She guided me through my values and my purpose in life. Once I had that in place, I could imagine myself as a successful scientist and what I wanted in my personal and professional life. It was the most powerful exercise I have ever done in my life. I was genuinely free, as the program says. I went on to finish my Ph.D. and while in the process of finishing, I started interviewing for positions. It was terrifying. I never thought I could maneuver the interview process so professionally and stress-free. Thanks to Samone, I now have a job, a meaningful life I love. I don’t know what I would have done without her help and the tools I learned and have taken with me. A simple Thank you doesn’t encapsulate my forever gratitude

Liam. Y

I felt pretty defeated, I hadn’t been able to do deal with my problems, I was avoiding my issues because I felt I wasn’t in the headspace to deal with those tasks. I felt like I stagnated, I only did what I was comfortable with and I completely limited myself.

In the few sessions I’ve had, I took with what I had learned and tried to apply it and integrate it into each day of my life to become a better version of myself, and it has paid off. I’ve built my portfolio site, I’ve built my computer, I’ve attended more events outside of my house, I’ve been consistent with learning a new language daily, I’ve went through the process of acquiring health insurance, I’ve reached out to mentors and I’ve been prioritizing the to do list. These are all things that have been burdening me for years, and I’m slowly overcoming the mental blocks that have kept me from doing them.

Looking at list from months past and seeing that I’ve made progress in every task that I set out to do, that was a real surprise.

She’s keeping up to date with what is plaguing and distracting Americans from living their full lives. Her approaches are modern, and she is genuine in her intentions.

Thank you for your time so far, I don’t know if I made it evidently clear enough in our last few discussions, but it has genuinely been appreciated. It’s been so difficult to find people to talk constructively with accountability over the last few years, so I really do cherish the time of those who do, it means the world.


This is the best gift I can give you for your life if I introduce you to Samone, especially in this phase of yours! You will see how an amazingly blessed person looks like.

I suffered from PTSD. I was pushed into anxiety by very unsupportive environment after a major trauma. I felt extremely stuck/stagnant. I was wasting time in useless things out of anxiety.

After 5 sessions:

I have been able to get rid of wasting time on useless things out of anxiety and focus on the goal, even if it is a very slow speed progress towards the goal. I am trying to learn to thrive controlling my own thoughts and learning the authentic lenses/approach in a very difficult environment. My body was in constant fight/flight mode before, which is much better now. I was unable to smile even, but now I also laugh sometimes. I have started to be happy, even if that is momentarily. Also, I have started to gain control of my life again, like I started driving after 4 years, I got a little financial freedom etc. Even though I need to work a lot still but if I look back at myself before starting with Samone, I am a lot better!

I am very grateful to God for blessing me with help from Samone right when I needed it the most. I still need to learn and work a lot but at least now I know that I am learning from the right person. I feel very lucky.

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